AdClub + BusinessLine Quiz 2011

April 22, 2011

Date: 4/16/2011

Quiz Master: “Pick Brain” Giri Balasubramaniam

Prelims Questions:

1.New form of capital that derives it values from personal, social or cultural beliefs and meanings that stimulate creativity, encourage moral behavior and motivate individuals.
What ?

2.Identify the lady author of this book.

3.He is a Scottish – American Industrialist.
He started his career as a telegraph messenger.
His life has often been referred to as “rags to riches”.
He sold U.S.Steel to J.P.Morgan for $480 million.

4.International Reserve Assets has been created by IMF in 1969 to supplement the existing official reserve of member countries.
They are allocated to member countries in proper to their IMF quotas.
It is the unit of the account of IMF.
Its value is based on basket of key international currencies.
Name the unit.

5.Whose identity is this?

6. In 1907, a chemist developed a formula called Aureole.
This led to the establishment of a company.
What ?

7. An independent British Internet retailer specializing in groceries.
The name of this internet retailer comes from the hardest fruit to protect through the food supply chain.
What ?

8. Oryx FM is their Radio arm.
Name the TV arm.

9.It was established in 25 July 1917 when three leading optical manufacturers merged to form a comprehensive, fully integrated optical company known as Nippon Kōgaku Tōkyō K.K.
It later introduced the famous Joico microscope to the market.
Name the company.

10.Identify the company he is related to.

11.It was originally created by Idealab, a business incubator based in California in July 2004, it was acquired by Google.

12.OHA is an alliance between 80 companies in the mobile space.
What is OHA ?

13. Identify the ad company, created by this duo.

14. This acronym was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper, and John Langford.
Carnegie Mellon University attempted to trademark the term, but the trademark application was abandoned on 21 April 2008.
Name the acronym.

15. This was created by VSS Mani,a CA by profession at Mumbai in 1994.

16.Identify the google doodle.

17.Under his leadership the Factory Act was passed in 1881 to improve the condition of the factory labourer.
Which viceroy is this?

18.Bala Gangadhar Tilak, along with eminent industrialist Mohandas Ramji started this in Dec 14, 1905.


20.”Armenteros” comes under what product category in India.


1.Spiritual Capital

2.Kiran Bedi

3.Andrew Carnegie

4.SDR (Special Drawing Rights)



8.Al Jazeera


10.Mindtree Chairman


12.Open Handset Alliance

13.Saatchi & Saatchi



16.Jules Verne Doodle – 183rd Birthday

17.Lord Ripon

18.The Bombay Stores



Will be posting some of the Finals questions and answers soon!


Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz -Chennai Finals Q&A

September 28, 2009


Round 1 : Cryptic Crucible


Audience question:

1.This company won a patent on Basmati Rice.

Ans: RiceTec

2. It gets it name from a tribe in Iran.


3. Paper ideas (or) ideas in paper

Ans: BILT (Ballarpur Industries Limited)

4.Formal off ground wear for Manchester United


5. Excel, Dynasty, Genesis.

Ans: Hyundai.

6. Against all odds.

Ans: Toyota.

7. Ronald Reagen

Ans: Van Heusen.

Round 2: Optical Crucible.

1.Onida print ad.

2. Identify the laboratory started by him.


Ans: Jyothy Labs

3. Whose ad campaign is this ?


4. Connect :


Unable to recollect other two pics.

Ans: Grameen

5. What is this ?


Ans: First ever Share Certificate.

6. Connect:


Ans:  Revolver

Round 3 – TATA Round:

1. TATA Technologies.


3.TAL Vertipark– an  Innovative  Tower Parking solution

4.TATA AIG – Tata co associated with renewal of Premiums

Round 4: Multi Clue Crucible:

Q1 : 1. Sponsored by


sin3. Isaac Meritt


Ans: Singer Sewing Machines.

Q2. Brand name:


2. saf3.


Ans: Saudi Aramco

Q3. Emaar

Q4.Target Corporation.

Round 5 – Rapid Crucible:

1. Founded in 1988 by Dr.Eli Harari and Sanjay Mehrotra , listed in NASDAQ on 1995. Identify the company.


2.Who owns the Monarch Group ?

Ans: Mithun Chakraborthi.

3.”If my life is double life”

Ans: Alyque Padamsee.

4.Full form of GCC in GCC Summit:

Ans: Gulf Co-ordination Committee.

5. Founder – Peter Peterson, financial services company.

Ans: Blackstone.

Tie breaker: Dell in India started climate edu exchange initiative, who is the principal partner in India ?

Ans: Teri



1. Founded by Narayana Ranga Rao in 1948 as “Mysore Products and General Trading Company” producing soap nut,turmeric and agarbathis, its presence in 40 countries.

Ans: Cycle Brand

2. I own a bombay based company, i am the designer of indian version of Lambretta, owns Automobile Products of India .

Ans: M.A.Chidambaram

3. Created by Greeks and Romans in 600 A.D. ,”the organised guild for benevolent societies”, What concept ?

Ans: concept of Life being Insured

4.The Japanese and Italians are the first one to use it. Chinese use specific Arabic gum, egg whites, gelatin and bees wax. Identify this.

Ans: Nail Polish.

5.Kamadhenu- Auspicious

Kaanch- Voice of People

Lotus- Purity

Grass- Fertility

Sun- Vitality

What are these referring to ?

Ans: The logo of “THE HINDU” newspaper (two elephants missing)

6.What is in the world of finance ? “Seigniorage”

Ans:  The difference between the face value of a coin and the cost of producing, distributing and retiring it from circulation.

Round 2 – Throttle Ahead

1. Id


2. Id


3. Pic of  a Social networking Website. Whose entry into india ?

Ans: Yahoo

4. What special about this Time magazine?


Ans: No visual at the back ground for the first time.

Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz Chennai Prelims Q & A

September 27, 2009

Quiz Master : “Pickbrain” Mr. Giri Balasubramanian


Tata Track:



Non-Tata Track:


Mr.Shubham Roy-CTS

“Pickbrain” the best business quizmaster .

The prelims consisted of 25 questions. Here we go !

1. Which Company has a logo called Joe and the ad line “change your body, Change your life” ?

Ans- Gold’s Gym


2. The Italian company Barilla is the world;s largest maker of what ?


Ans: Pasta

3. The Indian arm of which company traces its history to the accounting practice of Marc Merengue and W.A.Brown in Calcutta in 19th century.

Ans: PWC

4. Identify vn

Ans: Vineet Nayar

5. What was first patented in 1949 as “classifying apparatus and methods” and described as “article classification through the medium of identifying patterns” ?

Ans: Bar Code.

6. Which cleaning product first appeared in 1904 as an off shoot of monkey brand soap and has the meaning “force,vigour” ?

Ans: Vim

7.In food and FMCG category marketing. what is LUP ?

Ans: Low Unit Packaging.

8. Identify the advertiser:


Ans: Deccan Chronicle.

9. Which finance term derives from Latin word meaning “condition of flowing” ?

Ans: Currency.

10. Which Hotel founded by four Armenian Sarkies brothers , during WW II it was renamed as Syonan Ryokan meaning “Light of South” ?

Ans : Raffles.

11. Which cellphone maker launched superluxury mobile phones costing 1.11 lakhs under the brand name “Aura” ?

Ans: Motorola

12. Which chocolate brand set up its own website “” ?

Ans : Cadbury Perk

13.Which Unilever brand launched the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle challenge called “Life the great challenge” in Mumbai ?

Ans: Lipton


15. Ellen Kullman became the first woman CEO of which company in its 200 year history ?

Ans: Dupont

16. Which former ICICI banker has joined the board of Infosys ?

Ans: K.V.Kamath

17. What is the new low cost arm of Jet Airways launched in May 2009 ?

Ans: Jet Konnect.

18.Which computer manufacturer launched ultra thin luxury laptop line “Adamo” ?

Ans: Dell

19.Which computer giant offers a new service “Magcloud” which tests anyone print their own magazine?

Ans: HP

20.Which two wheeler manufacturer’s marketing initiative “Keep riding” to give buyers a true feel of its motorcycles ?

Ans: Royal Enfield

21.Who owns Codex Leiciester ?

Ans: Bill Gates.

22.Which university was founded in 1961 at Elk Grove village, Illinois,located at 2815, Jorie Boulevard in Oak Brook, Chicago, Illinois, over 70,000 people have graduated from here from 119 countries ?

Ans: Hamburger University.

23. Born at 10, Downing Street, London, the second son of Prime Minister Fredrick John Robinson he was an authority in Self and Local governance. Who is this , in whose name a landmark stands at CHENNAI ?

Ans: Lord Rippon.

24. Audio Version of this ad :

Ans: Nescafe.

25. Identify the advertiser.

Ans: Dinamalar 🙂


Bala 🙂

Bustle 2009 – Some Finals Q&A

September 23, 2009

1. The ankh, Seal of  Solomon or the star of David, Uraeus – represents the ‘circle of universe’, the Swastika and the Aum.

What are these referring to ?

(Tamil Nadu)

Ans: Symbol of Theosophical Society


2.Started by F.E.Dinshaw and Sir Feroze Sethna. Due to losses got shut down in 1955. Its premises stands in a dilapidated condition.


Ans: Bombay Talkies

3. Who is the brand ambassador for Sikkim Tourism ?

Ans: Danny Denzongpa

4. The Veer Savarkar Airport at Port Blair shares in what uniqueness in operations along with Gibraltor Airport (the only two airports still to have this) .

(Andaman & Nicobar Islands)

Ans: Road that Crosses the Runway


5. Located in Gautam Budh Nagar district of U.P. Sandeep Marwah, the self proclaimed “Producer of the largest number of short films in the world” started a film city here.

What am I talking about ? (Uttar Pradesh)


6. This FMCG derive from a bigger brand name from the same company. (Andhra Pradesh)

Ans: Charms and Charminar -Vazir sultan Ind

7. Largest river in the state of Goa. The port city of Vasco Da Gama lies on the mouth of this river. Which company is based here ? (Goa)

Ans: Zuari

8. Lesser known of the duo started this outfit. Identify and which brand.



Ans: Hidesign + Tim Mutton

9.  Designer of this building (1780) in Kolkatta is remembered in what way from a business context ?

(West Bengal)


Ans: Thomas Lyons (Calcutta Stock Exchange building is named after him).

10. From the youngest member he became the oldest member until he passed away in Seoul. Who and What position until 2005 which affected business outside Lakshadweep ?

Ans : P.M.Syed , Union Power Minister

11. Kerala :  History of Indian Coffee House


12. Manipur: A question about the name of Manipur State Emporium= Panthiombi.

13. Punjab: History of Punjab National Bank.

14. Karnataka: History of Mysore Sandal Soap.

15. Gujarat: Who from Gujarat would add to this non-exhaustive list ?




Ans: Karsanbhai Patel + Nirma

Sorry people thats all i can recollect 🙂



Bustle 2009 Prelims Questions

September 20, 2009

Quiz master: Mr.Mitesh Agarwal

Winners: Mr.Gopal Kidao- MMS

Mr.Jayankanthan- TCS

Venue: GRT Grand Business Hotel

Prelims :

The prelims comprised of 36 questions at high standards.

1. What is the ranking of M.O.P’s PG Dept of Business Administration ?

Ans: 88

2. Sarojini Naidu once jokingly remarked :

It costs the nation a lot of X to keep Gandhi in Y. Considering all the hoopla on austerity measures. Find X and Y.

Ans: X-Money, Y-Poverty

3. Which stock broking firm did he intern for ? Video from “The Pursuit of Happyness” featuring Will smith.

Ans: Dean Witter.

4. The name of this software was commonly thought to have come from a derivation of “I LOV IT” . It is also named after the historic amusement park in Copenhagen. Name the software.

Ans: TIVOLI software – IBM

5. Analysts insists that a particular incident in Dec 2008 caused this “expression” being used extensively in April 2009. The sales of a particular product and a game went high.

Pic: George Bush, P.Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh, Fortis-> BNP Paribas.

Ans: Sock and Awe.

6.Who did the artwork on this classic GE ad?


Ans: Dr.Theodor Seuss Geisel

7. Where would you find this logo?


Ans: Mc Donalds Drive thru

8. Manufactured by G.D.Pharmaceuticals, this extremely popular product was handed out for free to anyone who asked on 15th August 1947 in India?

Ans: Borolin

9.Which Hindu deity uses a man as his vehicle/Vahana ?

Ans: Kubera

10. CH3NCO + H2O -> CH3NH2 + CO2

Addition of the above compounds led to a chemical reaction.

What did this lead to in business ?

Ans: Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

11. The S.I unit of electric conductance shares its name with which company’s founder name ?

Ans: Seimens

12. This is the logo of ?


Ans: Paris Dakar Rally.

13. This city was once famous for its diamonds thanks to which it has found a place in the dictionary as meaning “a source of wealth & happiness”. (clue:Liquor name and name of Painting)

Ans: Golconda

14. The treaty of _______ ________ signed between Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov. The idea was to answer the question- “Who is the best Sci-Fi writer?”

Ans: Park Avenue.

15. Connect : Profit Graph + India Map + Kingfisher

Ans: Channels of NDTV.

16. What according to historians, was the first major source of revenue generation for the East India Company in India ?

Ans: Thirupathi Hundi.

17.On what word did the American dialect soceity and the Merriam webster dictionary agree for the first time to be the word of the year in 2008?

Ans: Bail Out

18. This organisation is also into Publishing and football infrastructure projects and they have sponsored the Durand cup since 2006. They are converting Minerva cinemas into Arts & Cinema Resource & Entertainment centre cum Museum. Name this company.

Ans: Osian.

19. Founded in 1971, by Michael. S .HArt, Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital Library. Name the highest downloaded book which is the highest ranked book authored by an indian.

Ans: Kama Sutra

20. The word ______ was registered as a trademark by Canadian Geologist Gesner in 1854 and for several years only NAGLC and the Downer company were allowed to call their lamp oil as ______ .

Ans: Kerosene.

21. This is an ad for ?


Ans: Hard Rock Cafe.

22. Album cover inspired by ?


Ans: Ferrari.

23. This is a spoof ad for a product. Name the product.


Ans: Viagra

24. Which word was dropped only a few years ago,in 1996, what is known today a Central Excise Tax?

Ans: Salt Tax

25.Robert wood, inspired by a speech by antisepsis advocate Joseph Liste. James wood and Edward meant to create a line of ready to use products in 1885. They produced their first product in 1886.

Ans: Johnson & Johnson

26. He dubs his efforts as the “Walmartization of Healthcare”. They have a telemedicine tie up with ISRO. Who?

Ans: Devi Shetty

27.This company was founded in 1914 in Detroit by engineer Nathaniel.B.Wales. It gets its name from the title given to Sir William Thomson.

Ans: Kelvinator.

28.After having food, on what did mughal emperors wipe their hands to remove water and oil?

Ans: Rumali Roti.

29.SVC . Identify theme.

1.India economy




5.Palm dates

6.Rhino,Elephant, Tiger


Ans: Reverse of currently circulating Indian Notes.

30. What did English businessman Ken Bates buy for 1 pound in 1982, only to start a long lasting legal battle with property developers Marler Estates?


31. James Crossley _________ started selling this in his small pharmacy in Great Market,Newcastle upon Tyne, in the 1850s. Name the product.

Ans: Eno

32. It’s “A piece of art” displayed by an organisation for publicity reasons. Identify the organisation.


Ans: The Pirate Bay.

33. Name the famous employer of this Place.(B 31 R Shop).


Ans: Barak Obama.

34. If the gas leakes out of the capsule,it goes flat. Therefore, the __________ design uses a dense gas, so the gas stays inside the capsule. U.S patent no : 4219945.

Ans: Nike Air.

35.Theory of Markov Chains( which are used to calculate the long run probability of events) is applied to a game of monopoly, which is the most place one would land at ?

Ans: Jail

36. Where would you have heard this recently?


Ans: Aegon Religare ad.


Bala 🙂

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